taiwan digital drinks

We bring together international professionals from startups to corporates in Taiwan to create more synergies and opportunities. Minimize overall time being stuck. Maximize time being productive and creative.

taiwan digital drinks

We bring together professionals from startups to corporates in Taiwan to create more synergies and opportunities, thus more international recognition!

Our Mission

To bring together the currently fragmented international professional community in Taiwan and provide opportunities for cross-discipline discussions, ideations and collaborations. 

To build up Taipei’s reputation and attractiveness as an international tech and startup hub. Because, let’s face it, Taipei is not one of the top 5 cities in Asia that comes to mind, but it definitely has the potential to be. 

To become the go-to community for international professionals to ask questions, share tips, advice, news, events, jobs, etc.

Past Events

Digital Drinks #13 - Professional Networking Mixer - Wed Jan 10th, 2024

Digital Drinks #12 - Q1 Networking Professional Mixer - Mar 23, 2023 @ Studio 9​

Digital Drinks #10 - Q3 Professional Mixer - Sep 15, 2022 @ Flare Taipei

Digital Drinks #9 - KBBQ and Drink - MAY 2022

Digital Drinks #8 - NFT & CHILL - APR 2022

Digital Drinks #7 - Q2 MIXER - APRIL 21, 2022 @WILDWOOD

Digital Drinks #5 - Q1 General Mixer 2022

Digital Drinks #4 - NFT and Chill 1 - Jan 2022

(After Summer COVID Lockdown) Digital Drinks #3 - End of Year General Mixer - 2021

Digital Drinks #2 in May 2021

Digital Drinks #1: A Mixer for International Digital Professionals in March 2021

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Taiwan Digital Drinks is a TaiwanCodeCamp.com x CodeMecca.com project